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Captain Log ID: 275
Title: Saba
Boat Name(Id): Blue Jacket ( 58)
Sailor Name(Id): Geoff Schultz ( 306)
Geo Region: Caribbean
Date of Occurance: 2001-01-14
Latitude: N 17º   37.74'
Longitude: W 63º   15'
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Saba, January, 2001

800 Steps to Customs HouseWhen I last wrote I was in Saba having just watched the green flash.Saba is a very difficult place to get to.  As I later found out, it can be a very rough place to anchor, and there's only 1 port that you can pull into to get anywhere.  The airstrip is tiny and is perched on the only flat spot of land that they could find/make. 

Red Roofs, Green ShuttersEvery, and I mean every, house is white with a red roof and they either have green (80%) or red (20%) shutters.  The first settlement is 1300' above sea level and there's not much there.  But it's very clean and the people are very nice.  Saba is supposed to have some of the best diving in the Caribbean.  I went on 2 dives, which were OK, but not spectacular. After spending a very rocky 2nd night at anchor I headed to St. Barts.


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