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Captain Log ID: 126
Title: Crazy pace of the cruise....
Boat Name(Id): Antica ( 132)
Sailor Name(Id): Jerzy Wasowicz ( 502)
Geo Region: Montevideo, Uruguay
Date of Occurance: 1999-01-31
Latitude: S 34º   32.399'
Longitude: W 56º   4.2'
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We are finishing our stay in Uruguay and we are going south. The crazy pace
of the cruise, we both, Marcin and I are extremely exhausted. We have 1500
miles to Horn. The crew works whole days on board. We repaired the whole
bunch of things: sails, bilge pump; we painted the ship's sides. Antica has
got a new wind power generator. What worries me is that we are 10 days late
which is due to two additional damages of bowsprit band and formalities
with immigration kept us a bit longer in Brazil. Finally we are over the
tropical zone and temperatures are getting better, there are no more such
paralysing heats. (...) 

To tell the truth I am a bit tense, before this part of the voyage. An
Englishman is sailing along with us on his own boat, so we have a company.
We have also all the charts of the whole way up to Puerto Montt in Chile. (...) 
Keep your thumbs for us, it will be a hard time for me and for Antica. 
More pictures here.

Uruguay, Montevideo