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Captain Log ID: 125
Title: We crossed the Atlantic
Boat Name(Id): Antica ( 132)
Sailor Name(Id): Jerzy Wasowicz ( 502)
Geo Region: Recife, Brazil
Date of Occurance: 1998-12-12
Latitude: S 8º   2.399'
Longitude: W 34º   31.8'
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Our solitary sailors arrived at Recife in Brazil after 40 days' long
sailing. On the way from Canary Isl. they stopped for 3 days on 
Cabo Verde Isl. and for 2 days on Fago. They spent 35 days at sea, 
covering 2400 miles. On 16/12/98 they are  supposed to go further south. 
As it was planned they will probably spend New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro.
More pictures here.

recife, brazil