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Captain Log ID: 1157
Title: Enjoy With Us Crossing the Atlantic Sea!!
Boat Name(Id): MAVERICK ( 3504)
Sailor Name(Id): Miguel Ángel ( 27236)
Geo Region: Canary Islands
Date of Occurance: 2018-01-18
Latitude: N 28º   22.979'
Longitude: W 17º   1.019'
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Enjoy With Us Canary Islands!!
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"Almost 30 days of adventure in the sea, sun, ocean, stars and finding yourself ... sail & sail, days & days, just with the wind ... that is the dream of every sailor." Also, it is not necessary to have experience, but it is advisable to has sailed before. If you never have sailed, we suggest you to try a sail one day earlier, because once time we set sail, we could´t turning back. The departure will be around Thursday 18th of January, from Tenerife, and the arrival in Cabo Verde will be on Monday 22th, of January of 2018, (820 NM, 5 days, 16 hours: 6 days). Reception of the crew between Wednesday 17th of January. During this day we will dedicate ourselves to buy main goods, to prepare the ship, like food and drinks. Some days later we should arrive to Mindelo, Isla de San Vicente (Cabo Verde), to make a small stopover before cross Atlantic to Barbados. If you want to sail in a comfortable boat, where there are space to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea for only 2.500€/person (drink, food and fuel no incluyed), this is your best choice! And if you want more information, please let us know, we will glad to assist you ;) The adventure will start just at the moment we would start planning our trip. That is why we want you start enjoying your adventure with us and participating in this amazing adventure across the Atlantic... We are waiting you on board!!!