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Captain Log ID: 1155
Title: New Vessel, New Home
Boat Name(Id): Ice Maiden ( 2615)
Sailor Name(Id): Robert Aitken ( 6921)
Geo Region: New Zealand
Date of Occurance: 2017-10-09
Latitude: S 43º   31.02'
Longitude: E 172º   37.019'
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Ice Maiden has been retired. I am now in the final stages of designing a new vessel based on the "Tahitiana" design. The vessel will be built in steel and is to be 40ft in length. The rig will be ketch rig with a bowsprit. Its auxiliary will be an Elco electric motor. The accommodation will be able to sustain four people. There will be no innovative system like there was on Ice Maiden. Although it is early days yet. So I am beached until the new vessel is launched. Her name will Snow Maiden and that is keeping to my traditional naming where Maiden is the last name of all of my vessels.