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Captain Log ID: 1126
Title: Bad Oil Seal :(
Boat Name(Id): Renegade ( 2748)
Sailor Name(Id): Gregg Warren ( 7318)
Geo Region: Belhaven NC
Date of Occurance: 2009-10-28
Latitude: N 37º   0'
Longitude: W 76º   0'
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It was a long way from Portsmith VA. to town of Coinjock, lots of small canals not very deep .I thought I may have bumpped the bottom a few times but jus kept plowing along I;m glad i have a full keel on the sailboat it protects the prop.shaft and prop. If and when you get to Coinjock NC. their are no free docks.!!!!! NONE AT ALL !!!!! so i recomend, stop just before the curve to the right when @ there stip of marinas ,,you can anchor real close to the banks on starboard side its aprox.6.5 ft deep their, wish I had known, before hand. I was very tired, been @ the helm for 12 hrs. from Portsmith, pulled into the dock and he charged me 68 dollars. thats alot when you have a cruzing budget, there where 12 sailboats and 5 power in our small flotilla going south. I was always the last one through the bridge openings and the locks , but I made it !!!YEA... I motored hard through the canals and the small bays, tring to get to the next anchorage before dark which was a good idea, found a place on starboard side of ICW , in the little aligator river, it was 3:30 pm I needed rest. I dropped the hook ,set the anchor good and hard by backing down on it with motor, I also put a trip line on it, cus thier are lots of stumps an logs to get hooked on. I sure did need that stop early, I have been so stressed out tring to get south before winter. The anchor didn't drag this time . YEA !!! I woke up @ 4am , fixed coffe an looked out , their was 1 million stars in the sky, so beautiful,smooth waters and 2 more boats came to the same anchor that night. it had lots of crab pots, i tried to use the spot light wasn;t strong enough. so i waited until first light @ 6;13 am, started motor an could jus bearly see them, I called the bridge tender, he was 3miles away and asked for an opening @ 7am . he said bring it on through . It is nice to be nice, to all watermen . 4 more boats were hurring up to catch the opening also, we all made it. This is where i should have taken it easy but .......I wanted to keep moving so I did a bad thing and motored hard for lots of hours ,,,and blew the rear seal on motor .oil was dripping in the bilge, I was pissed off, but what could i do it was my fault. so i limped on down the ICW to the next town . I can not recomend going the aligator/pungo canal, it has lots and lots of stumps an roots and just not wide enough .. speed boats would pass way to fast and make waves.but they got their due !!!! they hit stumps and bent shafts and props. and all kinds of stuff so it was costing 4000 plus to fix them. I finally made it to Belhaven NC. it was 5pm and cool air storm was coming in 2 days , so the front started early!I had to leave the boat ,and go back to GA. to get money to fix it , so I;ll be back in a 2 weeks. going to pull motor out and replace all the seals , A friend said not to give up. so I;ll keep on . also put the word out I;m looking for a pirate girl, to be mine , I have email address, but i can only check it every few days