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Captain Log ID: 1125
Title: Got The Head Cold And Sniffles
Boat Name(Id): Renegade ( 2748)
Sailor Name(Id): Gregg Warren ( 7318)
Geo Region: Portsmith VA
Date of Occurance: 2009-10-18
Latitude: N 37º   0'
Longitude: W 76º   0'
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1 Year Ago On The Hard
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Finally made it to a small marina . i had to anchor in Deltaville Va for a whole day, had an anchor drill @ 3am it was dragging , many other boats stayed there but i left @ 7am and went south. It was another wild day on the bay 30+ winds, 6ft seas , and rain all day long , going to leave here on tues. morn (GOOD WEATHER WINDOW ). I do love all the people who are following this . special note to ( MOM ) you gotta love em cuz You only get 1 of them. dont worry to much about me , I;ll be ok. I sure would like to have a cruw member real soon ..I wiil be a fun adventure. going to go down the virginia cut , to pungo river. anchor for thr the night , and kkep moving , I only have 200 dollars left , so I will try to make it last, no more marina for 10 days . I guess its time to figure out the shower i buit on board. and yyes i do brush me teeth every day. i;m tring to eat healthy also.