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Captain Log ID: 1107
Title: Gearing Up To Go Soon
Boat Name(Id): Renegade ( 2748)
Sailor Name(Id): Gregg Warren ( 7318)
Geo Region:
Date of Occurance: 2009-06-18
Latitude: N 38º   54.959'
Longitude: W 76º   31.98'
Sender (if email-in):
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Newer log from "Renegade":  1119
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just added a new windlass. ! man what a treat this is gonna be , no more broken backs, got it from and a GOOD price too. working on install of batteries soon have close to 800amp. hrs now . and gonna add 4 , 6 volts in the keel , found a 1500 watt inverter heart interface used @ yard sale for 50 bucks. hope it works .i think it will , got faith in n god !! no leaks in hull , but when it rains the toe rails drip some times.some one gave me lots of used sails and me friend Robb has been helping me fit them . and some of them have given us a fit. LOL. still looking for some 12 volt refridge. ideas. cuz the 110 is hard to do . with a long extension cord in the ocean. also lookin for a cruzin girl. where are u >?????