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Captain Log ID: 1017
Title: Frustration Of Building 3
Boat Name(Id): Ice Maiden ( 2615)
Sailor Name(Id): Robert Aitken ( 6921)
Geo Region: Middle of Nowhere
Date of Occurance: 2008-02-06
Latitude: S 39º   2.88'
Longitude: E 175º   5.88'
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A lot has happened since my last log. The amas (floats) have now been built. That was a drama unto itself. First I made a set of patterns of the as per drawings assymetrical frames. But upon further calculations I discovered that these did not offer me very much storage and what storage there was was awkward to use. So back out with another 3 sheets of ply. Some quick calculations over several coffes and a bottle of vino. A new set of ama frames were developed. These use the same beam and the same depth of the original amas but are now symmetrical. Nothing fancy but functional. I now have adequate storage including water storage in both amas. Then setting them up on the building stock was simple and fast. The setting up of the stringers were a trifle difficult. But were finally secured. The foam was sewn on and the butt edges were secured with 5 minute epoxy. The foam was then faired and the joins were covered with mat tape after which the foam was sealed with the resin sprayed on. The resin was sprayed and the first layer (chop strand mat)was laid and rolled out. Then further resin was sprayed as required. Then the weather turned from a nice fine day with no wind to one of cooling cloudy with rain threatening. Here I am half way through the first amas layup and the weather decides to turn. Oh well carry on regardless. Then one of my assistances decided that he needed to go home as it was getting cold. Still the first layer of cloth (6oz) was placed. Again the resin was sprayed and with difficulty the cloth was rolled. Then the compressor failed. The local power company had decided on a power shutdown for repair work A frantic number of urgent phone and a generator was secured. This duly arrived but it had no fuel. The person who had brought it had to make a 1 hour round trip to the nearest town that still had power to obtain fuel. Back in business and we just managed to place the final layer of cloth (3oz) on and have it rolled out when the compressor failed. It was quite obvious from close examination that the compressor had had a terminal extinction. I was not highly impressed. So all I could do was to hand finish the layup. We then closed the cover over the building stock and hoped that the cooling weather had not affected the layup. Tomorrow would tell. Up early the next morning and on first look it appeared that the cooling weather had affected the layup. But no, after a cup of coffee and on closer inspection all was well. Made the roll over cradle and cut most of the stitching in preparation for the roll over. Placed the cradle on the ama and secured it ready for the bodies to arrive for the roll over. The bodies duly arrived late as per usual. Rolled the whole ama over with the stock still in place. After a bottle of vino and a few beers plus the usual coffee. The stock was removed in two pieces. The ama was then covered whilst I drove to the outlet where I had purchased the compressor the week before. I received the textbook apologies from the staff and management. A new compressor was duly handed over. It was actually a better model that the first one. But then one should not look at a gift horse in the mouth. Drove back home and set up to layup the inner layers. A minor problem was discovered, not enough hardner. A frantic phone call to my supplier after I looked at the original hardner pack. They had supplied me with smaller pack thatn I had requested and paid for. A new pak would be couried up and will arrive the next day. Which it did. Layed up the inner layup with chopped mat and a layer of cloth (6oz). Now the next task is to set up the various bulkheads and fit the water tanks in. Then I still had to make the second ama. Hopefully without the dramas of the first one. The second ama came together with no real dramas. The decks were built and fitted after the bulkheads were fitted and all interior permanent fittings were placed. The new compressor works well at the moment. I am going to need it for the next task, which is the building of the main hull. But the days are getting cooler as we head into winter. So it is back to ordering more resin and hardner, foam and cloth for the main hull. The building stock has been lenghtened in preparation for the main hull.