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Captain Log ID: 1013
Title: Frustration Of Building 2
Boat Name(Id): Ice Maiden ( 2615)
Sailor Name(Id): Robert Aitken ( 6921)
Geo Region: Middle of Nowhere
Date of Occurance: 2008-01-08
Latitude: S 39º   2.939'
Longitude: E 175º   5.88'
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Well yesterday was a quiet day so day on the lounge floor with a stack of MDF to loft out the template for the keel of the main hull all 40 feet. Well after some time which included the usual stop for 2nd breakfast and "elevensies" plus lunch it was done. So I then cut it out and dry assembled it (it stretches the full length of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom). By this time it was getting on to time to have a sleep. As I had a 5am start in the morning. Now the fun begins. You know that everybody regardless has things called Senior Moments. The alarm goes off at 4am. I decided I better have a shower. I get out of bed (not putting a light on) "Crash" I've tripped over the keel template (not awake enough to know). Picking myself up, I head for the bathroom have shower, Turn the bathroom light off, exit bathroom crash I trip over the keel again(still not quite awake). Make it back to the bedroom. With out falling over the keel I make it to the kitchen, make the first coffee still with the lights and trip over the keel. Spill coffee over the carpet in the lounge. Well I eventually arrived at work and then had to explain the bruises and abrasions that were clearly visible. Just as well my partner does not live with me. Arrive home at 2pm and discover what I had been falling over. Cleaned up the carpet and dismantle the template so that tomorrow morning I don't fall over it again at 4am. It could be interesting when I cut and assemble the main hull keel from the template. I won't be doing that inside the house. promise me I mean it.