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Captain Log ID: 1012
Title: Frustration Of Building
Boat Name(Id): Ice Maiden ( 2615)
Sailor Name(Id): Robertaitken4 ( 6921)
Geo Region: Middle of nowhere
Date of Occurance: 2008-01-04
Latitude: S 39º   0.48'
Longitude: E 175º   0'
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Caution: Do not enter my lounge unless you are sympathetic to the cause of boatbuilding. Yes we do know something about this global warming thing as we are 790metres above sea level. The lounge is full of sheets of plywood and Ama and most of the main hull frames. The spare bedroom is full of items require for the building and outfitting of the 'Ice Maiden'. The neighbours no longer complain about power tools being operated in the early morning or late evening. As a civilian working for the New Zealand Army I am often told I am working with the wrong armed service but I dont mind. The fun was when we trial assembled the mast, which is a 53 foot tripod made from galvanised steel, the signals unit thought it would make a great transmitter tower if the project failed. So with the new year upon me it is time to move this rather large kitset from the house to a covered site big enough to assemble it. But like any well made kitset it has just one minor fault and that is that instructions are not included. I shall keep you all informed on how it coming togetheras the year progresses.