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2018-10-04 17:32:25
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Item ID: 460
Category: Canvas_Sail
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Paris, Transit, France
Sale Price: EUR
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Contact: Paul83 (29901)
Contact Email: [non-public]
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Semi Full Batten custom made Mainsail > High density US Dacron® Challenge Sailcloth® or Dimension Polyant® > Construction: 6 stroke triple zig-zag seam > UV resistant thread and seams > Cross-cut > Luff-rope > 4 standard lenght fiberglass battens > Velcro-closed battens tension device > Reinforced batten pockets > Head, tack, clew stainless steel eyelet > Large radial reinforcements > Leech line > Custom headsail > Two rows reefing points > Loose foot > Cunningham > Low friction slides > Telltails > Bag