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, , Fiji
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Contact: Disperser.Wolf (20765)
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Wanted: Sunk/Damaged/Etc. Wood Boat For Materials

Greetings Sailors and Crew:

I am looking for a sunken, damaged, or otherwise salvage or salvageable boat that I can harvest the wood from for my ship.

I am hoping to find something in the South Pacific, preferably a non-aligned or otherwise independent nation. I seek solace and an escape from Americans and tourists and other trappings of industrialized society. I have my own tools and source of power, and would be just as happy salvaging a boat on a deserted island as I would working with locals to cut up a boat in a boatyard on some small island off the beaten path. I would however be quite miserable having to deal with corporate conglomerates or similar outfits and crowds of people and their busy, greedy ways.

I would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for the privilege of cutting up a boat and giving it a new and very long-term home. I would prefer teak or mahogeny, but will work with other materials as long as they are hardwood. No softwoods as they can be affected by molds, some of which are deadly to me due to sensitivities.

Thank you