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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Sale Price: $30.00 Canadian Dollar
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Contact: Capt.PDBrown (20517)
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Routes & Waypoints Cruising Guide

"Routes and Waypoints", a 165-page, spiral-bound (8-1/2" X 11") route-planning guide with more than fifty routes from Nova Scotia to Trinidad, with hundreds of (hazard-free) Lat/Long positions,(approx. 30 waypoints per Route),plus texts & cruising-tips,with ports of refuge, distances, all developed by the Author over decades of cruising eastern Canada, the entire US east-coast, (incl. Chesapeake Bay, & the Florida Keys), the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, the Virgins and all the Leeward & Windward islands and Cuba. Contact the Author directly at:, price is $30.00 Can. /equivalent US funds, plus shipping. Also includes much general mariners' info, (sea-state graph, rules of the road, conversions etc.), & the Author provides free consulting, route-planning tips & information. NOTE: FOR MORE INFO, SEE ALSO "ITEM ID #363" for older but more comprehensive description, (except for price-change from $CAN 20 TO $CAN 30 (2017).