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Category: Canvas_Sail
Item Location:
Negros Island, Philippines, Philippines
Sale Price:
Equivalent $USD: 4850
Contact: Philip Maise (19242)
Contact Email: [non-public]

Self-Tacking, Aft-Mast Sail New!

New, never used, aft-mast, self-tacking, big-rig foresail

Do you own a big cruising sailboat?
Need sails;
Sail short handed; or

Then consider an aft-mast conversion.

I had two heavy-duty, zero camber, cruising sails made for my sailboat by Rolly Tasker. The lifting effect of the smaller sail was good enough that I decided to sell the bigger sail.

Sail conditon - brand new
Luff 24.46m
Foot 13.13m
Clew 18.9m

Area 116.91 sq m

Luff contains 14mm Dyneema line
The sail is lifted/hangs from this bolt rope. A forestay is not needed.

Foot contains sleeve to insert spar.

The sail is currently in a dry shipping container located in Miri Malaysia.

Also available is the spar made for this sail. The spar is aboard my vessel now at Negros in The Philippines. Spar is honeycomb core wrapped in epoxy impregnated fiber glass and Dyneema filament.

To see video of smaller sail under way see:

Sail - $4,850 USD
Spar - $390 USD

Philip Maise
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