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Port Orange , Florida, USA
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Island Fever - The Book

Informational book about cruising the Caribbean on a sailboat or trawler. A series of articles based on the author's experiences during a 10 year cruise of the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Eastern Caribbean islands, Trinidad and Venezuela. Packed full of helpful hints, anecdotes and information for armchair cruisers as well as sailors in the planning stages. The author addresses such subjects as pets on board cruising boats, weather information, obtaining crew, and boat fix-it projects. This is how to find out what cruising is really like. About the author: Betty left with her partner, John, from Sarasota on a 35' Morgan, traveled south through the Caribbean, purchasing a CT47 in Grenada. After 7 years, John left to live on land again and she single-handed the boat for the next three years. Betty now lives in Florida with Sloopy, her Trinidad cat who probably doesn't miss the boat as much as her human does. The author's pictures of the islands are available as slide shows at Kindle version of book is available at