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2010-11-29 23:47:19
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Item ID: 380
Category: Electronics
Item Location:
Tauranga, , New Zealand
Sale Price: 97 New Zealand
Equivalent $USD: 71
Contact: Pendragon (9673)
Contact Email: [non-public]
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Ais Diy Kit

AIS for $97 Yeah Right

AIS (automatic Identification System) is a superior collision avoidance system,
that warns you of commercial ships in a 20 to 40NM radius from your position.
Even when they are still over the horizon, thus giving you plenty time
to change course and avoid them.
AIS works irrespective of weather--Unlike radar.
If you have a VHF, a GPS and a laptop, you have 98% of the hardware necessary.
What you still need is an audio filter and some software.
Why spend over $800 for an other box of electronics, if for just NZ$97 you can obtain
a DIY kit to get your AIS up and running.

AIS for $97 Too right