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Item ID: 380
Category: Electronics
Item Location:
Tauranga, , New Zealand
Sale Price: 279 New Zealand
Equivalent $USD: 199
Contact: Pendragon (9673)
Contact Email: [non-public]
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Receives any class A and Class B AIS targets
Plots AIS data live on screen
This is a most effective solution for adding AIS to your navigation capabilities.
Receives on both AIS frequencies: 161.575 & 162.25 MHz simultaneously.
USB Interface for simple Plug and Play* to laptop, Tablet** or Phone**

Supports Windows: XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10 (32 & 64 bit)
Supports Android tablets: Android v4.0 and higher
Supports Android Smart Phones : Android v4.0 and higher

•Powered by USB, no external power supply or internet connection is needed
•Shows all ships: I.D., position, course, speed, size, possible collision course, time to impact etc.
•Sounds an alarm when a collision is possible.
•All details are super-imposed on your current navigation page.
•Very low cost AIS receiver, for budget conscious sailors.

Made in New Zealand by