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2010-09-27 04:33:16
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Category: other
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London, United Kingdom, UK
Sale Price: 5000 Dollars
Equivalent $USD: 5000
Contact: Jessy_smith (9258)
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Yachtt Workers Needed For All Position

We are currently accepting applications for those Yachtt workers at SEABOURN, and recruiting new staffs for reqruiutment therefore do let us know if you have an interest in working in any of the areas in which Yacht Offers, from restaurant,Office work, to child care, Au pair, Babysitting, Engineer, Captain, Steward , Mate Engineer, Deckhand, First Mate ,Stewardess,Chef ,Stewart,Chef Stew ,Cook Stew,Stewardess/Masseuse ,2nd Engineer ,Nurse,Room service attendant, utility cleaner, laundry staff, floor supervisors etc. We are offering 2 year contract that can be extended or be a permanent staff. You must have a minimum of 6 months working experience. If interested please contact our General Manager with the email below Capt. Jessy Smith E-mail: Seabourn careers yacht hotel Mobile: 05603068012