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Ottawa Ontario CAN, Ontario, Canada
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Contact: Pieter D Brown (5816)
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"Routes and Waypoints" Cruising & Nav. Guide

"Routes and Waypoints" guide - Heading south or north (East-coast N. America? Eastern Caribbean?) This unique companion-guide (to GPS), soft-cover, listing over 1000 Waypoints in over 50 Routes to/from all E coast N America, (eastern Canada & USA), Bahamas, Cuba, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Virgins and Leeward-Windward Islands to Trinidad - a unique reference to Route-planning - It's a 160-page, (8-1/2 X 11), spiral-(coil)-bound,soft-cover,(stays flat on opening), suggesting Routes with up to 30 specific Lat /Long positions for each Route, plus info. texts & tips, (harbors, ports, anchorages along the way),a companion to chart-plotters,- provides answers as to "where to go", ports of refuge, complete trip-planning, entering harbors & ports in all conditions, with distances. This guide is a collection compiled by the Auhor over more than a decade cruising the East Coast & Caribbean,of hundreds of hazard-free Lat/Long positions, all "visited" by the Author. Entering Nassau at night? Looking for entry to Little Harbor, Montserrat? Deciding whether to go Turks to Virgins direct, or Turks to Virgins via the DR & Puerto Rico? Or, approaching Canadian Maritimes from St. Lawrence River or eastern USA? Describes route options with text & waypoints. All here plus much more mariners' data, (e.g.,sea-state chart, wind scales, COLREGS, flag signals,conversion data,Canadian coastal VHF weather-zones shown in graphics, plus much more. Consulting services & explanations/discussions provided by the Auther at no charge, via phone or e-mail. Order direct from Author: price tax-in: only $25.00 (incl. shipping). To order: call, write, E-mail:- (Author) Capt. PD Brown, PO Box 33, Carp (Ottawa) Ontario, Canada K0A 1L0, Tel: 613-266-5850, E-mail(s):- either "", OR "", OR "". See also the book review posted in "Noonsite",(World Cruising Club), look to "Country" and select "Cuba"