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2010-09-27 19:50:59
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Item ID: 346
Category: Steering_Propeller
Item Location:
Diamondhead, Ms., Mississippi, USA
Sale Price: $777. $USD
Equivalent $USD:
Contact: Ben Yglesias (945)
Contact Email:
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Sayes Self Steering Vane

This Sayes unit can be found on , and a photo of its attachment on SV "Mercador" in their sites Gallery photos. Their Unit pricing is $3,500. plus attachments, mine is $777. F.O.B., with (2)brackets added on lower shaft for a trailing rudder rig like seen on double enders. You may call or IM me on free search for "seacaptain4u" or my (800)324-7214 # (228)255-1456 anytime.Photos to your e-mail address on request. Stainless steel unit is in EXCELLENT condition. Access the gallery application photos below, and then SAYES rig info from the site below .Ben
http://C:\Documents and Settings\seacaptain4u\My Documents\My Pictures\2009_0526Walpics