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2009-01-26 04:35:21
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Preveza, Epiros, Greece
Sale Price: 300 US$
Equivalent $USD: 300
Contact: seagypsywoman (3266)
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Florida, Bahamas Charts, Cruising Guides for Sale

Cruising guides and chart books with their prices new/used. 1. The Bahamas Cruising Guide (second edition) by Mathew Wilson. ($44.95/$22.00) 2. Waterway Guide - Southern 2003- Florida, the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico. (39.95/$20.00) 3. Embassy Guide - Florida Keys and Gold Coast - (second edition) ($44.95/$22.00) 4. Explorer Chartbook - Exumas (third edition) ($39.95/$20.00) 5. Explorer Chartbook - Near Bahamas (second edition) ($39.95/$20.00) 6. BBA Chart Kit (fourth edition) ($170.00/$85.00) 7. MAPTECH Chart Kit - Florida West Coast and the Keys (11th edition) ($119.99/$60.00) 8. MAPTECH Chart Kit - The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico (sixth edition) ($159.95/$80.00 Prices are in US$ plus shipping, will accept paypal: If you're interested in any of these, let me know and I'll send you some photos. I can't ship anything until May 2009.