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2004-12-16 08:48:37
(Vancouver Time)
Item Description
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Item ID: 210
Category: other
Item Location:
Rio Dulce Guatemala, Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Sale Price: $6000 dollars
Equivalent $USD: 6000
Contact: Silvalago (4441)
Contact Email:

Restaurant For Sale In Rio Dulce Guate

Beautifull on waterfront located restaurant for sale. Because Im leaving the country I want to sell my restaurant. It was build 1,5 years ago and still has a very appealing rent contract of only US$ 300,- a month for period of 1,5 yeas. The price Im asking is only US$ 6.000,-. The price is low because I would like the sale to go true before I leave by mid Januari 2005. If you are keen on having a restaurant I would suggest you go for it now because after I leave the sale will go thrue an intermediary and therefore the price will go up. You will definitely not be disappointed by what you see. You can write me an email or call me on +502.541 127 86.