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2003-02-02 09:14:44
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Item Description
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Item ID: 109
Category: Electronics
Item Location:
Port Charlotte, Florida, USA
Sale Price: $1300+ Dollars
Equivalent $USD: 1300
Contact: Bob Mergy (447)
Contact Email:

Computer And Digital Charts

This computer is an AT with a special 12" TFT display so that the power consumption is minimal. It has a R/W CD, 40Gig hard drive, 31/2 floppy, and the inverter to run it off the batteries. There is not more than maybe 25 hours of use on this machine. I also have digital charts for the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Med, and Europe. New these CDs cost anywhere from $149 to $400 each, plus The Captn navigation software that cost $500, and then the Fax via SSB software at $200. I am sure that I have over $5,000 invested in software. Make me a REASONABLE offer and it is yours.