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2001-10-17 00:00:00
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Category: Electronics
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Putnam, Connecticut, USA
Sale Price: 139 US Dollar
Equivalent $USD: 139
Contact: Ian Cummings (247)
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Sea Marshall Personal Rescue EPIRB Beacon

Personal rescue beacon. Can be worn on PFD or on your sailing gear or belt. Automatically activates upon immersion in water. Transmits on 121.5 distress frequency. Also has built-in light source to assist rescue. 30 hour lithium battery. Also can be activated manually. Optional Crew Guard (automatically detects man overboard) or Crew Finder (DF indicator of relative bearing to man overboard). Dramatically increase your chance of rescue. We also sell solar panels, batteries, charge controllers and just about any solar power item. Email us at or visit our web site at, rescue beacon, Sea Marshall, Solar panel, photovoltaic