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ID: 77 Title: Bend Over B.C. Boaters! Replis: 9 Read: 5460 Author: 3  Page:1  [2]  
Name: Ms. Alexis Fenner  Posts: 15  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-14_8:42:51 Quote    Reply
I am surprised at the small amount of protest letters sent to the B.C. Government over this issue. Local business interests have voiced their displeasure but only a few hundred boaters have written. Last year there was an average of one hundred boats a night, anchored at Mark Bay, Newcastle Island, one of B.C.'s most well used marine parks. Many of these boats were from the States and stop in this area to fulfil their shopping and repair needs. With the amount of boats in this area that are owned by Canadians, I expected more people to be upset by this extra fee.
Name: Steven Roberts  Posts: 10  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-15_12:8:6 Quote    Reply
I wrote a letter about this to 48 North, and the editor, Rich Hazelton, just replied:

Getting lots of email on this. We're gathering info.

Hopefully there will be a media backlash concurrent with the beginning of the busy season, impacting tourist revenues in a noticeable way.
- Steve

Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-4-18_1:44:45 Quote    Reply
Good news for everybody -- We did it!!!!!
Our vigilant efforts have paid off. Ms. Joyce Murray, the minister of water, land and air protection, must have been bombed by all our angry letters. She finally gave up and dropped the damned thing:

After all, she's not so bad! Some government does listen(unlike some others.) Of course, we should be proud of ourselves for sending those every-bit-counts protesting emails. Keep up the good work!

Name: Ms. Alexis Fenner  Posts: 15  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-19_18:51:52 Quote    Reply
I am glad that the B.C. Government has seen fit to scrap the anchoring fees. The loss of trade to local businesses could have been quite substantial. I firmly believe that trade loss would have been far greater than the few million dollars they believed they would have collected.

For those boaters that are considering a northern holiday along this coastline, I wish you safe sailing or cruising and good weather. If you are passing through Nanaimo, call in and see the gang at Newcastle Marina or perhaps watch out for the Mongoose or Lois "B" during your travels. There's always coffee on the go and maybe even a good measure of rum. (If I haven't got to it first).


Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-6-26_14:13:10 Quote    Reply
Received a late reply from the BC government:
MO: 72928 (note to viewer: some logs, not all, are Batch72613)
Dear Tom ((no last name provided on email)):
Thank you for your letter dated 37705 in which you raise the issue of marine park anchoring fees in British Columbia's marine parks.
I am pleased to inform you that the government has reviewed this issue, and has decided that the introduction of an anchoring fee will not occur at the nine marine parks where docking and mooring fees apply.
The modest adjustments made to fees for the overnight use of dock and mooring buoy facilities for the 2003 season will help ensure that boaters continue to receive high levels of service when visiting provincial marine parks.
I appreciate your bringing this matter to my attention, and trust that you will have a safe and enjoyable boating season in British Columbia.
Yours truly,
Nancy Wilkin
Assistant Deputy Minister
Environmental Stewardship Division
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