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ID: 77 Title: Bend Over B.C. Boaters! Replis: 9 Read: 5455 Author: 3  Page:[1]  2  
Name: Ms. Alexis Fenner  Posts: 15  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-3-25_18:24:5 Quote    Reply
Bend over B.C. boaters, you're on the hook and getting shafted. The B.C. minister for parks and recreation, Joyce Murray, has now introduced an anchoring fee at all B.C. marine park anchorages. The new anchoring fee, due to start on May first 2003, will be two dollars Canadian per meter for overnight stays. These fees will be subject to tax as well. The government has given little thought about how out of line these fees are and the effect they will have on tourism. A thirty foot vessel will be charged eighteen dollars plus taxes for an over night stay at anchor. Many places along the B.C. coastline provide overnight mooring buoys for only a nominal charge of six to ten dollars. Marina's that have shower facilities and plug in electric services will be cheaper than anchoring. May I suggest that this extra fee be protested by emailing Joyce Murray. We have some of the most spectacular cruising grounds in the northern hemisphere. I always believed that the oceans were free for all to enjoy, not become a place where a meter maid can issue a parking ticket to the unwary boater.

I really don't mind being screwed but I would rather feel it somewhere else, other than my purse.

Protest letters to: This is the lady who's got her hands in boaters' pocket:

Name: Steven Roberts  Posts: 10  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-3-25_19:13:23 Quote    Reply
Protest letter written. Can you point me to a site formally announcing this? I'll make sure the info gets to 48 North and Northwest Yachting.
Name: Ms. Alexis Fenner  Posts: 15  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-3-25_20:21:0 Quote    Reply
For breakdown of new fees, go to
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-3-25_20:51:32 Quote    Reply
Here's an editorial about the new regulation on

Bravo!! This is what 7k is designed for. We want to expose corrupted officials to all over the world in real time. I thought the candidates are most likely some Egyptian officer blackmailing money or an Indonesian pirate gun boat robbing cruisers. Surprise, surprise!
Well, I don't blame her too much. The BC government has just sold their three 450 million fast ferries for 19 million dollars. They are trying to get some $$$ from somewhere to balance the lost.
Oh, for your amusement, BC premier Golden Campbell got caught in Hawaii for drunken driving.

Just want you have some ideas about the people we are dealing with.

Name: Steven Roberts  Posts: 10  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-3-26_13:40:58 Quote    Reply
I have just sent a pointer to the fee info to the editor (Richard) of 48 North. Gotta hit 'em in the wallet... governments sometimes think they can make money by raising fees, not understanding that it can just chase people away and dry up the flow of tourist dollars.

Steve (Microship lab)

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