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ID: 4 Title: Brits, Oz, Kiwi..etc Blue Ensigns vs Red Dusters Replis: 10 Read: 5593 Author: 9  Page:1  [2]  3  
Name: Viceroy  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2003-7-31_9:18:37 Quote    Reply
While rare, there is a blue Canadian ensign...similar to the Brit blue duster but with the Canadian coat of arms in the blue field. Its one of the prettiest flags around! We fly it on Sundays. As a lark, when a Canadian naval vessel (usually cadet driven) is seen, we contact on channel 16, advising a flag salute (dipping of the flag) will be undertaken when we pass. You ought to see the scrambling on deck and the puzzlement when they see the blue ensign! Cheers...the Viceroy.
Name: Jeremy  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2007-7-12_10:47:45 Quote    Reply
Hi, A Brit who is serving in or retired from the Royal Navy with a UK registered yacht must be a member of the Royal Naval Sailing Association to legally fly the Blue Ensign. I think there are affilliated associations that meet this requirement also.
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 165  **  Vancouver Time: 2007-7-23_18:30:59 Quote    Reply

Here is the New Zealand situation,

                                                                   Flag etiquette

Name: Green Frog  Posts: 7  **  Vancouver Time: 2007-7-25_1:20:56 Quote    Reply
Tom all the information you require can be found at
Name: Green Frog  Posts: 7  **  Vancouver Time: 2007-7-25_8:14:48 Quote    Reply
Sorry didn't spot you already had the link
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