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ID: 161 Title: Need info on Mexican entry charges Replis: 2 Read: 1628 Author: 3
Name: Vs  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-5-9_7:3:14 Quote    Reply
Hi. Can anyone tell me what the entry charges are for boats entering Mexico? And also what the cruising charges are?
Name: Kelvin Meeks  Posts: 9    Vancouver Time: 2004-5-10_10:35:44 Quote    Reply
I just completed my cruising season in Mexico...(spent January - April 2004).
As a general disclaimer...your experience may prove to be different than
Before going, I recommend the following:
  • You will need Mexican fishing licenses for each crew member aboard, your boat, your dinghy, and if you have any kayaks(!). These generally run about $25-40 USD, each, for a year.

  • If you have any non-US citizen's aboard as crew...take care of getting their Visa's before arriving in Mexico.

  • If your first port of entry is Ensenada, use Baha Naval's services to do your check-in for you. It will save you a lot of hassles. If you are experienced at offshore might consider skipping Ensenada altogether...and head directly for Cabo San Lucas

  • Port charges were about $32 USD for my boat (32 foot sloop)...that works out to about $16 check-in, and $16 for check-out. Some ports, like Cabo San Lucas and La Paz have an additional API organization which must be paid...usually somewhere between $0.50 - $ 1.00 per day for anchoring in their harbor.
    Provision well in San Diego...Cabo San Lucas is generally considered to be very expensive for provisioning...however if you take a bus or cab out to the Costco just outside of can provision in bulk fairly economically.
    As a singlehander for much of my cruise, I found that I could get by on as little as $250 - $300 per month...if I really scrimped on my budget...and for $900 per month...I could enjoy a bit of luxury quite often.
    You can enjoy some beautiful anchorages...such as Bahia de Tortuga, Bahia San Quintin, Bahia San Juanico, Bahia de los Muertos, and Partida Cove (Isla Spiritos Santos).
    Given the weather for this time of year...I would suggest planning on heading up into the Sea of Cortez rather than continuing down the mainland coastline south of Cabo San Lucas.
    It would be very prudent to give some thought of where you will end your cruise...and what you plan to do with your boat...I would suggest giving San Carlos a look. I was given a quote recently of approx. $120-$140 per month to have my boat put in dry storage.
    Fair Winds,
    Kelvin Meeks S/V Renaissance
    Name: Geoff Schultz  Posts: 36  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-9-13_10:11:49 Quote    Reply
    Isla Mujares just implemented a new fee structure as of June/July and they now charge something like $250+ and they require you to use an agent. This is similiar to the charges at Cozumel. I don't believe that other ports are charging anything like this, but there's been a hue and cry from the cruisers who normally stop at Isla Mujares on their way from the States. -- Geoff