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ID: 110 Title: Limiting Liability from Crew Replis: 0 Read: 1360 Author: 1
Name: N/A  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-9-3_6:46:54 Quote    Reply
I am a private boat owner making preparations to sail from the Med to the Caribbean this winter. I am taking on several crew members, no paid positions, just friends and people I have contacted on cruising websites who want some sailing experience or who are looking to get west. I am wondering if anyone has any information or thoughts on liability waivers or similar documents for such arrangements. I would like these people to sign waivers indicating that I am in no way responsible for any accidents that may occur in the course of the trip, sailing having an element of inherent danger to it. I would also like these waivers, or another document, to indicate that these people agree to take sole responsibility for repatriating themselves once we reach the Caribbean. If anyone has any experience or thoughts it would be most appreciated.