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ID: 102 Title: Crew Abandonment Replis: 5 Read: 6003 Author: 6  Page:1  2  
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-8-7_16:47:12 Quote    Reply
It should have been covered in your crewing agreement, assuming you had a signed crewing agreement in force at the time of your termination otherwise it should have been covered verbably / an undertaking or mutal agreement / understanding.

I assume you are now back home and you signed off the crew list for the vessel. If so there is not much that you can do unfortunately. I have covered this point and how to handle it in my "Guide to offshore passage makers".

Hope this helps but you do not disclose, whether in your opinion, you where dismissed unfairly or not. Accordingly I'M apprehensive to add anything further.

Regards Phil:

The Captain from Hell no 2.

Name: New Town  Posts: 5  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-8-9_19:55:43 Quote    Reply
Should you be interested in reading the preamble for this Guide, it can be viewed at,
Cheers, PHIL:
Name: Allen  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2003-9-2_13:50:20 Quote    Reply
I almost put a crew member off in Mexico last winter and would not have paid for return travel. There was an incident where this person raided my liquor cabinet without permission, drank all night, then kept myself and a guest up while they dry heaved for over an hour. I instead gave them a warning and told them that any further screwups would result in being put off at the next port. I am unreasonable or a Captain from hell?
Name: Green Frog  Posts: 7  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-3-29_11:24:57 Quote    Reply
Mat it may be too late now, but in Gibraltar it is ILLEGAL to discharge crew without the OK from immigration. It may help your case if you report it to the necessary authorities.
Name:  Posts:  **  Vancouver Time: Quote    Reply
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