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ID: 9 Title: 100% Fine Wool Thermo Fleece Underware Replis: 1 Read: 1467 Author: 2
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-1-29_0:28:52 Quote    Reply
First of all, I'm not selling anything. Just want to recommand to all my fellow sailors a goodie that has benefited me for more than 20 years.

My grand parents gave me a pair of pure wool underware when I was about 22. I wore them every winter, when I hiked in high mountain terrain, or when I skiied. The pant was too warm to wear under most situations. These underwares were so thin that most winters in Taiwan and US, people found me wearing a simple plaid shirt most of time. Many comments had been made over the years about my ability to cope with the cold. No, it's not, it's the wool underware. Even when it gets soaked, the magic is still there --- you feel warm and dry.

When the pair were eventually "beyond" worn-out after 10 years-- too many holes and too many mends, I just could not find any one selling this stuff in the US. Found some Army Long Johns,or those in the "Western" stores.... not the same thing. either too thick or too ichy... I was getting really frustrated.

Finally, I found it again on the net in the winter of 1998 in Land Down Under!
   Exton Australia
I bought two long sleeve shirts in 4 years and a pant that I wore a grand total about 5 times. So thin, so warm and so smooth.... what a unbelieveable treasure. They are even better than my old ones -- thiner and finer. I can't wait but recommand this to every one I know. For friends that don't believe me, I would buy them as gifts. That's the best 20 dollar you could ever spend on anything. The shipping is fast and cheap. About $5 for a shirt to arrive from Brisbane to USA and Canada in mere 5 days. The name of the business owner is Carol. She remembered me as a sailor 4 years after my first order!!

Please do check it out. It's a must have on your boat.

Name: Duncan  Posts: 6    Vancouver Time: 2004-8-18_11:44:12 Quote    Reply
Thanks Tom, As a Sailor and Mountaineer, I'll put those woolies to good use.