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ID: 434 Title: Another solar panel warning Replis: 0 Read: 1746 Author: 1
Name: Keylimejay  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2007-8-20_6:51:42 Quote    Reply
Like Geoff, I have also encountered solar panel problems. Two years ago I purchased two 130W Sunsei (ICP) panels and a charge controller from WM. After about a year I noticed that output was way down and one panel was dead. A close inspection showed areas of corrosion under the glass. I removed the panels and was surprised to see that the underside showed significant blistering and burning. WM replaced them and now, about a year later, the second set was doing the same thing. I contacted WM and after jumping through a few hoops, they refunded my $$. I've order Kyocera panels. If you have the Sunsei panels, check check them closely. If you're considering panels, stay away from these. Note: I did contact Sunsei in Canada, and they told me to continue using them as they were still under the two year warranty. Yea, right!