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ID: 372 Title: bottom paint Replis: 1 Read: 1427 Author: 2
Name: isaildou  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2006-8-11_9:50:8 Quote    Reply
have you heard of Sea Falcon 44 bottom paint? i heard it was good for the carribean but cannot find it up here.
Name: Russell  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2006-8-12_5:9:39 Quote    Reply
Your probably thinking of "Sea Hawk" not Sea Falcon. It is indeed probably the most popular paint for use in the Caribbean. I do beleive it is available in the US, but the version of it available in the US is NOT what people are using in the caribbean. The reason its popular in the Caribbean is because they still sell a Tin based paint, which is a more effective anti fouling then copper, but Tin based paints are illegal in the US, the copper version of Sea Hawk is available in the US but its not nessisarily any better then all the other copper paints available there. Most boats that come down to the caribbean switch to the Tin paint once they are here and do their next haul out.