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ID: 217 Title: seagold watermaker Replis: 1 Read: 1486 Author: 2
Name: John  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2004-11-30_6:48:3 Quote    Reply
hello, can anybody help me out ? bought it at ebay, but can't get filters or manual..... :-(
Name: Geoff Schultz  Posts: 36  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-12-1_6:47:7 Quote    Reply
Which filters are you talking about? The RO membrane? If the later, almost all membranes are made by DOW. Check out or

As far as a manual is concerned, the key thing about a watermaker is to run it at about 800 to 825 PSI. You should also have a boost pump feeding the high pressure pump and have the feed water filtered through paper filters.

If you have specific questions, I can try to answer them for you. I don't know your unit, but in reality they're very simple in concept.

-- Geoff