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ID: 203 Title: Clear plastic non-slip surface protection Replis: 0 Read: 1137 Author: 1
Name: George & Lucy  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2004-10-27_5:20:49 Quote    Reply
Hi guys,
I just thought I'd let you know about my most recent addition to my yacht. I am very pleased with it so thought I would let you all know in case you were interested?

I found a small company called "Plastic Fantasic" who provide a template, cutting and fitting service for plastic. The idea is to protect certain surfaces - chart tables, wooden floors, saloon tables etc. I have had all of this done for my boat, and am so impressed by it. My delicate wooden floor will no longer suffer scuff marks, and my coffee holds itself to the table instead of sliding across and spilling all over the floor.

The beautiful thing about it is that I can see the grain of the wood through the plastic. It's also easy to life up and store if you don't want it there all the time.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know, I didn't really know anything about it before I had it but think it's so clever I want to tell everyone! If anyone is interested I'll send you the details of the company - they really seem to know a lot about it (which always helps I suppose...!)

Catch up with you later,