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ID: 644 Title: Cruising yachts behaving they're doing us a favour Replis: 1 Read: 2097 Author: 1
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2013-10-15_21:19:15 Quote    Reply

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This is one of my hobby horses.

It irritates me to read of cruising yachts behaving as if they're doing you a favour by asking you to pay $25, $30, or much more, per day to work / crew on a sailing yacht. Most of them call it "sharing expenses" but in my opinion, at that rate it is taking on as working crew for profit.

Some Boat owners think that 25 - 30 pounds sterling is a fair "sharing" covering "food on board, fuel, marina expenses and the running costs of the boat. For two crew , that's over USD $40,000 per year, three crew members thats about $50,000 per year. Thats more than having your own flat on land and you don't have to share the space with anyone else.

Anything associated with the running / berthing of the boat would be the owner's expense whether there were any crew aboard or not. Berthing is charged by the size of the boat, not how many people are on board, fuel costs the same. And wear and tear of the boat? Again, those are the responsibilities of the owner.

In a lot on cases - not all I might add but generally, the food on the boat is terrible, the owners are terribly cheap feeding them mostly beans, rice, noodles, Pasta instance Cup of Soups, tinned hearings in tomatoe sauce, mackeral tinned and cheap coffee. In one instance I got boiled plain Pasta no meat , chicken ham ect or additives or sauce. I politely when they where not looking stretched through the stanchionsre feed the following albatross and them the empty plate.

In addition boat owners can't sail their vessels safely without crew. Also I have noted that the paying crew usually do the midnight / grave yard shift. I have never found a boat or crew person that does not do the midnight shift, or come across an owner doing the midnight / grave yard shift with paying crew. If you are free on board, with paid returned airfares by the owner and a rotating roster then it's o'k.

When I come across paying crew complaining I tell them this story,

Thats like going to your 24 hr corner super market store and applying for a job, saying but I'm different to everybody else applying for this position because I have a deal that you cann't refuse and it puts me ahead in the queue.

Here is the deal, - I will work for you for nothing and whats more I provide lunch for 4 people and there is more, wait for it, I'll even come in at midnight and man the coffee room on the night shift for 4 hours and attend to the staffs coffee whims all for no pay.

Do I get the Job.

Usually at the end they look at me and say I have never thought of it that way. Your right.

If you are stupid enough to pay for doing a days work then insist that, can food, Pasta, noodles, fish, meat, beans, instance soup and rice are not on the menu.

At $ 30 - $ 40 US a day you should be eating fillet steak and lobster with a bottle of wine every day.
What do you think of the third camp where owners stipulate crew pay their own airfares to [ skippers / Owners ] to and from the vessel.
I consider owners are not meeting their obligations under internatioal treaties and conventions when they make this requirement. Crew who crew on sailing vessels and pay their own airfares obviously do not know about the international treaties and conventions most countries are signed up to. All crew have to do is to make a request to the authorities for airfares to their home port and the authorities will force it on captains / owners of vessels with crew for them to return them to their home port to pay, plus accommodation and taxis fares to the airport untill the flight leaves.

Owners refusing to do so are abusing crew in my opinion.


Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-1-15_15:59:1 Quote    Reply

Here is a quote from the one of the web masters at Cruiser L A major Marine Forum eb site, Who is also a boat owner

His spin on the issue.

I might ad when he sees what he thinks is over charging he tells them to go to a commercial sight and pay the advertisement charge to get crew.
"Crew can legitimately be requested to pay much of their own expenses when it comes to food, alcohol and entertainment....expenses which would not be incurred by the vessel's owner if the crew were not on board. However the owner/skipper still needs to make some concessions, as without the crew many vessels simply could not move for more than a day at a time. Owners should pay for normal running expenses and still buy the crew a good feed after a passage.

I am not abnormally vain, but I like to think that when crew leaves me behind, they take with them positive memories about the trip, the boat and me.
'User pays' is a fact of life for banks, insurance companies, communications and airlines conglomerates...but as cruisers we still inhabit a world of sharing experiences, caring and courtesy.

I see nothing wrong with trying to make money from sailing if that is what takes your fancy; but be honest about it, get commercially certified and s urveyed, compete with legitimate charter boats, and pay for your marketing. Don't advertise for crew on free web sites forums."