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ID: 165 Title: Multi hull choices Replis: 7 Read: 5182 Author: 8  Page:1  2  
Name: Sailoutremer  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-3-23_8:21:46 Quote    Reply
Hi, I am in the process of buying an Outremer 55L catamaran from the original owners who bought it new in France. I have 3 questions and I hope you can be of help. 1) the boat was built in 2001 and launched May 2002. For estimate values is it considered a 2001 or 2002 boat? 2) the mast was custom cut by factory,about 6-8ft by request from owners to fit under Florida bridges (65ft, it means the boat is 64ft high from waterline to top of mast.)Originally it was armed 7/8 but now the main and genoa have the same hight. The factory recalculated the main and extended the boom to have equal sail area. In case of a future resale on my side will the boat have less value than a "standard mast" one? 3) the boat demasted last fall and has been refitted. Minimal damage on the hulls. Is is a factor that could lower the selling value? 4) I still have the option to get the owner not to cut the new mast but to go back to the original layout. He matains that a shorter mast boat will be a plus in Florida because it can be used in the intra-coastal water way. What do you think of all this. I would really appreciate an answer a.s.a.p as I have to make my decision soon Thank you for your time Fabio
Name: Eric Knudsen  Posts: 2  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-5-29_13:3:35 Quote    Reply
I might be going to South Africa next year, Capetown to be exact. I know they build a lot of Cats down there & then they get put in charter service. Do you know how hard it is to get a position as a crew bring one of these to the caribbean? & how lond it takes for this trip? EK
Name: Matt495  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2008-3-16_6:34:27 Quote    Reply
Small boats date from when launched so it is 2002. Big ships date from start of build. I think modified mast could be fine. Demasted? You mean the mast taken off in the yard? That's okay, but damage not so okay. Outremer is a good name, fast boat.
Name: Duetto  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2008-5-21_18:46:9 Quote    Reply
We own a Norseman 430, and they are terrific boats. The 27hp Yanmars are just fine.
Name:  Posts:  **  Vancouver Time: Quote    Reply
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