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ID: 87 Title: A Guide To Off Shore Sailing Vessel Passage Makers Replis: 12 Read: 11674 Author: 4  Page:[1]  2  3  
Name: New Town  Posts: 5  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-5-13_21:8:14 Quote    Reply
This is a guide to would be offshore passage makers on sailing vessels detailing the type of questions and answers one should seek, in my opinion, from vessel Owners/Captains regarding the Vessels Owners/ Captains and crew for the intended/upcomming passage. It has been compiled by myself from my own experiences, hardships, encounters, tribulations and listening to countless sailors at beach side bars complaining about the conditions re the vessel or the personel on board, over 35 years of sailing on numerous types of vessels. I'M constantly asked how do I always seem to be on board good vessels and with excellent Skippers.

It is intended to help the would be passage maker from enduring, suffering, and making the same mistakes similiar to the ones I used to make and the ones perhaps you are going to experience, when deciding which, or whether to sail on a particular vessel or with a particular Captain. Particularly if you are unable to view the vessel, meet with the Captain and you are communicating via the internet by e-mail in response to crew wanted postings. It will still be valuable if you are able to view the vessel and meet with the Captain. It will guide you in what to look for regarding fixtures, fittings, apparatus and gear.

It is extensive and very informative.

There is a small charge for this information of $30 U.S.

If you are interested in obtaining this information, please e-mail me and we can proceed from there. Cheers.

Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-5-13_21:48:2 Quote    Reply
So you have a book for sale. How do folks reply and discuss with you on this topic? It's best for you to post an ad under the "Classifieds" section.
Name: New Town  Posts: 5  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-5-13_23:48:42 Quote    Reply
No it's not a book for sale but formatted notes and writings to help the inexperienced and persons venturing offshore. Purchase the notes then discuss them on this forum Tom.

Outfitting_Gear is not really the right board for this to be list on. The demographics are intending crewmembers responding to crew wanted postings. If I posted it under crew available or crew wanted it would then be deleted.

Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-5-14_0:33:23 Quote    Reply
I moved it to "Misc_And_Others" now. Ideally, you could break up your notes and post some of them here at the forum. This way folks can discuss your post(s) and also judge the value before spending their $30.
Name: Steven Roberts  Posts: 10  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-5-14_13:5:19 Quote    Reply
I agree completely with Tom. If all content is held back and you are just placing an ad, it's a purely commercial posting no matter how much it may be "on topic." The best balance is to use the Net to deliver value, foster an exchange of information beyond a sales brochure, then offer richer content for money to those who wish to carry it further. The more you give away, the more you sell (this from 20 years of experience with doing exactly that online). The very nature of this medium (referring here to this kind of forum, not the broader Web which has been largely co-opted by marketroids) is a free exchange among people with shared interests. "What to look for as cruising crew" is entirely within this context, and the first step is to become perceived as an expert by providing useful inputs into discussion. Whatever you sell based on this reputation should have deep, substantial, and enduring value. Trying to sell be the kind of content that should emerge from forum discussion borders on spamming, and sparked lots of usenet wars in the Olden Days.

I have a similar situation: I'm generating massive amounts of material related to the Microship project and technomadics in general. Some of it, like schematics and software listings, is for sale. But almost all the general content is free on my website, and there's enough there for people to get their own projects going without sending me a dime. This might sound different from your situation, as it's "hard data," but there actually is a parallel: suppose you share your accumulated wisdom with others, but offer for sale a spreadsheet document (for example) that lists all yacht/captain selection criteria and alternative choices in a row-column format, with weighting factors built into the cells... allowing a "scoring" process. Or perhaps a book-length PDF of detailed war stories that would make entertaining reading. Or a checklist of things to carry in a sea bag before venturing onto OPBs (Other Peoples' Boats). Or perhaps a detailed guide to the documentation and immunizations that crew needs for international travel. THOSE kinds of things can be sold, not the vague "send money and I'll tell you my secrets" that appears opportunistic in the context of a community.

Cheers and good luck!

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