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ID: 830 Title: Review of "All Is Lost" Replis: 2 Read: 12 Author: 2
Name: Disperser.Wolf  Posts: 17    Vancouver Time: 2018-9-8_9:1:26 Quote    Reply
Warning: Spoilers abound, sorry. For those who already watched this, there's a way in which this film can be presented which fixes it's problems and turns it into a great film that all sailors and those who wish to start should watch.

I finally broke down and watched this film. My impression is quite simple: This is propaganda presented to program people to believe that no matter how badly they screw things up, they can rest easy and continue to plunge headlong through life without a clue in the real world because society will always come to their rescue no matter what.

The really fun part is that you folks will of course buy into this propaganda (prove me wrong, please.) I've seen comments online about this film from sailors and the consensus is that it is chock full of errors. But what I have not seen are people who can connect the dots and see that the man in the film did everything to deserve to die. Each and every one of you realizes this, even if subconsciously. How else can you get through the film? You get through it, you started watching it, and you held on continuing to watch it because you had hope that he would be rescued.

Try an experiment if you have the capability to do so: imagine the character in the movie preparing for this voyage by imagining yourself preparing for a voyage across the Indian Ocean. From this perspective, you should be able to very clearly see that he did not have his survival in mind when he prepared for the voyage. Where was the bilge handle? Why weren't bilge pumps working? Why didn't he have a flare gun and sufficient flares outside of his liferaft? Why didn't he have more and suitable food?

You probably won't find any answers trying this experiment as I predict you will have become frustrated with just how stupid and ill-prepared this character was.

The answer lies in the studio behind the film, Lion's Gate. This is a company that specializes in remaking older movies and doing so for the express purpose of undoing any positive "propaganda" (it's not all bad folks, propaganda has no connotations as it merely means the spreading of information) that may have been present in a previous version of a movie.

There is an easy way to fix this and turn this movie into something quite positive indeed. All you do is stop the movie as he sinks into the water as his liferaft burns. That's it. You stop there and see that he dies, and does so in perfect lockstep with every stupid thing he did throughout the film. And then what you will have is a great movie for sailors which teaches them one simple lesson: if you are stupid, if you make stupid mistakes, you WILL die, and not even society will come to rescue you. And that is a lesson every sailor better learn.

Now, go watch it and stop it before the end and see what you think. It may help to watch the film with the idea in mind from the beginning that the character does indeed die, and that you are watching a film about facing your own mortality, which is what I thought it was when I started watching it (that's the really great thing about not reading other people's comments about a film, you get your own perspective!)

By the way, the real spoiler in this isn't limited to this film, it is the reality that all films are propaganda, and nearly all contain the most universal propaganda there is: that human beings pair up as man and woman in a lifelong relationship. Sorry folks, marriage is a myth propagated by religious propagandists in order to enslave men and women to each other in order to make sure they are easier to control. You see, all other similar species segregate socially by gender. Only birds have monogamous lifelong heterosexual relationships. So yeah, sorry about that little life spoiler there...but to be honest, I really do hope you two get a divorce because it will mean that two more people join the ranks of the free.
Name: Disperser.Wolf  Posts: 17    Vancouver Time: 2018-9-8_9:4:49 Quote    Reply
By the way...ask me about "Adrift" and I'll tell you about someone who cheated death.
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 165  **  Vancouver Time: 2018-9-10_20:1:14 Quote    Reply

Not worth reading this persons, Disperser.Wolf post.


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The man himself. Brillant Not so brilliant, rude, vulgar, Sailor.

Nut case raving on again. Try posting on your other forum

YOU WILL probably get the same answer.

Do you like being proven wrong all the time.

Why waste your time posting here?

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You Have shown your true colours a bully. You have not posted an apology to

the web master TOM YANG.

You are a Foul mouth nut case , idiot.