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ID: 71 Title: A Cruiser's View on the Iraq War Replis: 23 Read: 7639 Author: 9  Page:1  2  3  [4]  5  
Name: Keith  Posts: 3    Vancouver Time: 2003-4-9_17:17:52 Quote    Reply
Lots of large words. How do you all feel after seeing the Iraqi population rejoicing today at their liberation? The end of a dictatorship that has murdered a half million people in the last few years. Would you have supported that?
Name: Ms. Alexis Fenner  Posts: 15  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-19_19:26:15 Quote    Reply
I really feel the same as before. I still believe that this war was illegal and should never have happened. I am unsure if you have ever travelled or stayed in that region but if you have, you would have realized that it is impossible for western ideas of democracy to work. You only have to look at all the countries in the Middle Eastern area to see all are run along the same lines and not our way. Last week the people were waving and cheering the so called liberators. This week demonstrations against occupation. What's next? acts of terror against the occupying armies?

Palestine was always part of Jordan, that is until Jordan went to war against Israel and it was taken as occupied territory. Arafat was kicked out of Jordan and ended up in Lebanon where he cultivated support from the refugee camps. Don't forget that he was responsible for planning and carrying out the Olympic slaughter of Israel's atheletes. I believe back then, he was the leader of "Black September" Also remember that Saddam was supported and indeed cultivated by the US government during the Iran Iraq war. When will the west learn to accept different cultures without sticking our noses where they are not wanted.

You know and I know, I believe anyone with half a brain can see that all this is a grab for oil a dwindling world resource. Most all the Middle Eastern people that I have met, have been good and decent.


Name: Big Red  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-21_20:1:45 Quote    Reply
Ahoy, yes you. Dis ere Pirate of Pine Island is a world famous personality wot's thinks you are in serious need of therapy. Your drivel of a response and your obvious lack of moral fiber is quite evident in your answer. We are the greatest contry in the world and all the feminist BS and whining you do can't change that. Stay out of the US and we'll get along just fine. Pirate of Pine Island
Name: Ms. Alexis Fenner  Posts: 15  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-22_8:46:31 Quote    Reply
Who the Hell wants to get along with you ?. I certainly am not interested in being associated with a cretin. A man with the guts of a louse and pigs excrement for brains, is certainly not on my Christmas list. Besides that, I'm far too much woman for you to handle. But if you would like to try your luck, I'm not running anywhere or hiding who I am.

Now you run along to the bathroom with a warm wet towel and do your thing. If you wish to trade insults, you seem quite inept. You can't even spell country correctly, I did mention you had difficulty in two syllable words, once before. It would be a crying shame if you have sired children, passing your genetic code on, would be a crime against humanity. I am often called a Bas***d, I accept the term but mine was an accident of birth, "you are a self made man sir" and have no excuse. People like you, do not scare me or will ever change my mind about the justification of wars. Your being in possesion of verbal flatulence and lack of moral fortitude, does credit to a hot air ballon. Most people realize that the hot air will cause the ballon to rise, we are all wondering what is holding you down?

My being called a feminist, is no insult. I am proud that I have walked alongside some great men and women. Never have I attempted to be better or worse than any other human being. Being well versed in other countries cultures, is an asset. Believing that killing is no answer to the world's woes, is moral fiber by conviction. Standing up and being counted amongst those who care about the value of human life, is also proof of moral fiber. There is a vast difference between not wanting to go to war if the cause is wrong and the willingness to fight when it is just. Sir, people like you are just windbags. You having more mouth than a cow's reproductive passage, does suggest that the child was thrown away and the placenta kept.

Respectfully yours, (:-p)


Name: Ms. Alexis Fenner  Posts: 15  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-22_22:37:24 Quote    Reply
Mr. Pirate, your IQ is being tested, you stand a chance of two out of two marks. Try to get a high grade and complete remedial school.


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