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ID: 591 Title: The BermudaYacht Company Replis: 2 Read: 1659 Author: 1
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2012-6-25_14:31:27 Quote    Reply
Does any body or member know whether this Company exist and whether the vessel they are show casing and claim to be built

See - About Us. The Bermuda Yacht Company is a family-run business based in Bermuda.

Have tried to search the Web to actually view the completed vessel and one would expect full photographs including the interior by the charter company chartering it, would be available.

I have searched the Buermuda Tourist bureau for information but they list all the yacht charter companies other than THE BURMUDA YACHT COMPANY. Also can't find a Web site in the same name chartering in Burmuda where the usual Rates - Fees and the provision to book a actual charter.

Look forward for comments and help.


Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2012-6-29_15:53:57 Quote    Reply

Bermuda 77 is hyper link in the above posting.

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-1-15_17:25:7 Quote    Reply

Bermuda 77 is hyper link in the above posting.

Link is not showing Again.

Any body know if there is a new link or reason link not working.