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ID: 551 Title: Ready to Roll !!!! Replis: 0 Read: 884 Author: 1
Name: bluewater  Posts: 5    Vancouver Time: 2011-11-22_19:50:44 Quote    Reply
CREW PERSON AVAILABLE My name is Randy Getty. At the moment I'm in N. Thailand. I'll be in Phuket soon and will be seeking a crew position (short or long term). i'm free until April when I return to work in New Mexico. I've sailed twice from Phuket to Sri Lanka. 2 summers ago I sailed from the USA to the Azores on a 48 foot Halberg-Rassy. Three years ago I crewed on a 60' carbon fiber racing trimaran crossing the Pacific Ocean from the Galapagos to New Zealand via the Marquesas and Cook Islands. We did it in a brisk 40 days (believe it or not! it's true) and what a trip it was! I have a valid US passport and many references; I am fit, drug free, non-smoking, w/ no strange dietary or religious hang-ups. I'm attentive, reliable & easy to get along with. I enjoy fishing, can cook and don't mind washing dishes! References available on request. Email address: website: On my website you can read my maritime resume. Thanks for your kind interest, Randy Getty