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ID: 535 Title: Sailing from Turkey to Egypt/Israel? Replis: 0 Read: 981 Author: 1
Name: Chrisgourleycet  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2011-6-28_1:58:34 Quote    Reply
We are a Scottish couple in our late twenties. We have been cycling through Europe this Spring/Summer and our plan to cycle around the Mediteranean coastline to Africa has hit a snag due to events in Syria. As we have some boat crewing experience - from Scottish fishing boats as well as some time working on a trawler at a marine biology field lab during our university studies - we are enquiring after the possibility of working our passage from Turkey to Egypt or perhaps Haifa by sea. We are currently in Fehtiye and will spend the next few weeks cycling along the Turquoise coastline looking for suitable opportunities. If you know of any such opportunities or can provide any advice it would be greatly appreciated. We are both dependable, reliable, easy going individuals. Look forward to hearing from you.