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ID: 395 Title: Swindler warning Replis: 3 Read: 2566 Author: 4
Name: Corto  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2006-12-2_6:19:26 Quote    Reply
I' receive an offer from " MSLI Shipping Company" who offer to me a good contract. This offer is sign by EVELYN CONE in the name of Barry Brown. I' feel it's a Swindle and I play the game "just for fun" I have contact with who is in Gambia (West Africa) and after have other contact with his Attorney Barrister Dave Wilson ( for the contract . Fun, I have the job, they pay me 5.250 $/month for skipper position on a sail boat around the world (no more info)and they never see me (they receive just a false C.V. from me) After few mail, they ask me 350$ for "administration fee". I have to pay by ... "Western Union" So, be carrefull, too many swindler on the net... Corto Worldwide Delivery
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 165  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-12-12_15:14:10 Quote    Reply
Carry it a stage further and ask them to deduct the fee from your 1st months salary and ask for air tickets to be posted so you can take up the position and post the reply.
Name: Squire  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2007-3-25_8:31:58 Quote    Reply
Hi Well done,we can all submit our C/V,s maybe they will offer mare jobs. Squire
Name: John  Posts: 9  **  Vancouver Time: 2007-6-5_6:15:43 Quote    Reply
I wonder if anyone actually fall for these scams? I too have been contacted by various people pretending to be shipping lines looking for crew,they have false web sites set up,they trawl through all the yachting web sites looking for victims.I put an add on a yachties web site once and immediately started getting all these cyber criminals e-mailing me.not a good idea to show your e-mail address on any web site.