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ID: 292 Title: Warning to female sailors Replis: 1 Read: 2508 Author: 2
Name: Ceruleanblue1  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2005-9-9_12:28:27 Quote    Reply
There is a poster here on 7 knots and just about every other crewsite on the internet that all women should be warned about. His ad here currently reads "M45 ISO younger, fit, female sailing buddy 781 771-7793". He has recently edited this posting after being called out on another sailing bulletin board. His previous ad contained the charming statement "Old Hags need not apply".

This man is a creep at best and quite possibly a sexual predator at worst. Please go the following link to read more, or google his phone number and see what you come up with.

This website (Sailing Anarchy) is a pretty rowdy forum, but after reading the (currently) 3 pages of posts, you will get the message. I am a female sailor and am very careful about knowing whom I am sailing with. I hope you will all be careful. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is!

Also, since he has been called out on Sailing Anarchy, he has been deleting or editing many of his posts throughout the internet so they don't sound quite so obviously disgusting, as he did with his ad here on 7 knots. Stay safe!

Name: John Grafton  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2005-9-16_7:54:37 Quote    Reply
Dude or is it Dudette that is the most disgussing site I've ever seen. Surely the scum on that site can't be sailors!