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ID: 214 Title: If you want to avoid SPAM, don't go to the Cruiser Log site Replis: 13 Read: 6986 Author: 10  Page:[1]  2  3  
Name: Crusty  Posts: 10  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-11-10_19:17:11 Quote    Reply
No sooner had we signed up with them, then we started getting barraged with SPAM, even though we used an email address that we've never used anywhere else. Indeed the webmaster or his staff must be selling forum users personal information as we never posted anything to the forum ( that would have revealed our email address to the public, and we asked that our email be kept hidden in our profile.

Only a few weeks after registering at Cruiserlog, and we now receive about 100 SPAMS a day to an email address we never even used......I always thought it was a bit strange when I saw people "hawking" the cruiserlog forum site in other crew forums--now I understand, the more people who use the cruiserlog forum the more people's personal information they can sell!

Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2004-11-11_21:53:19 Quote    Reply
I don't believe Bob, the webmaster at Cruiser Log, would ever sell users' info. I'll have him explain.
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2004-11-12_7:56:5 Quote    Reply
[Relay Bob's reply:]
I suspect a bit of “mischief-making” in this post by “Crusty”.

If he suspects what he says above, why not contact me directly for a possible explanation instead of having an unsubstantiated “swipe” at Cruiser Log on another public forum? AND then, state it as FACT! I take absolute exception to the suggestion that I “sell” email lists – I HATE SPAM. Like THIS website (7knots), I run Cruiser Log as a totally non-profit venture – to “give a little back” to the lifestyle that I experienced and enjoyed as a cruiser. I sometimes wonder why I do it but at least 99.9% of our visitors appreciate it.

The forum URL, which “Crusty” quotes in his post as having joined, was shut down some six months ago and has NOT accepted new registrations OR posts by members since. The NEW boards with NEW software on Cruiser Log’s OWN server in Denver are operating at - (with NO ads or ‘pop-ups’). Member’s email addresses are NOT available to the public unless they choose to quote it within their posts.

Perhaps “Crusty” is not aware that the simple act of registering a new email address with a mail server (some worse than others & without even using it) is like “shark-fodder” to the SPAMMER ‘crawlers’. THESE are the guys who make the money – you would have received Spam offers selling CD’s of “20 Million email addresses”. How do you think these guys collect up these numbers? A small percentage is ‘spidered’ from webpages but the bulk are collected from the easiest targets, email servers, by various means – legal AND illegal. I recently received a spam email on an address I had registered WITHIN 5 minutes of registration – I cancelled the email service immediately. Once your email address is on these databases (CD’s) – that’s it! They are sold all over the world.

The fact that “Crusty” is receiving so much Spam is an indication that his mail server is not using effective Spam-blocking software. May I respectfully suggest that he shops around for another mail server that will block this unwanted traffic AT THE SERVER (most do this today). With the exposure that my own email address has on the Internet, I receive only 1 or 2 spams a day that slip through (out of over 300 received at the server). Be wary of “free” mail accounts (the big respected one’s like Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc., as exceptions) as these must generate income “somehow”??? Even then, I would have a GOOD chance of sending an email to: (anybody) and it would be delivered to someone. When this mail is opened it CONFIRMS the address & it is added to a database.

“Crusty”, you CANNOT lay blame on Cruiser Log, AND, it is grossly unfair and mischievous to state this as fact. I will NEVER pass on or sell email addresses! As there is very little detail in your “profile” on this site (7knots) would you kindly contact me directly through my website to discuss this matter further.
Webmaster – Cruiser Log

Name: Bret Diamond  Posts: 25  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-11-12_9:43:30 Quote    Reply
Hi Bob,

No "mischief-making" at all. The fact remains that while I have made posts at numerous sailing/crew forums such as yours and 7knots, I have NEVER received anything like the level of SPAM that we are now receiving at an email address that has been used EXCLUSIVELY with the Cruiserlog forum! Indeed, we had problems registering at the forum, and sent an email to the webmaster asking for help.
Within an hour we got a response from the webmaster, along with 50 NEW SPAMs in our inbox!!! All within one hour of registration at the Cruiserlog site.....for an email address NEVER used ANYPLACE else... The registration at Cruiserlog and our email to the webmaster there were THE ONLY EMAILS sent using this new address..We didn't check email again for about a week, and when we did we had over 400 SPAM's!!! All this when we had NEVER used this email address anyplace else, we had never posted to the Cruiserlog forum where our email address could be "mined," and we'd had the address for over 2 months, just never used it. It certainly seems VERY odd that we got flooded with emails ONLY after registering at your site with an email address we'd never used anyplace else......As far as contacting you and asking you about the problem it's obvious to us that either A) you or others who work for Cruiserlog are selling email addresses to to SPAMers, or that B) someone has "hacked"your site and is able to view your membership list within minutes of registration. We simply deleted the email address we had used, and have no intention of using the Cruiserlog forums as we place great value on our privacy and hate dealing with SPAM. If you're not selling email addresses, then someone who has access to your computer is, or you've been hacked. We also found it suspicious that your forum is the ONLY sailing/crewing forum (or ANY forum topic for that matter--we use many forums)that we're aware of that forces you to accept cookies--in our experience only sites that generate revenue by utilizing "hit counters" or "traffic managers" to make a pitch to advertisers actually force people to accept cookies just to post to a forum. If you're not profiting by tracking your forum users with cookies and/or selling email addresses, then we would hope you take every step to prevent your site from being hacked and people's private information being sold without their permission.


Name: Rob  Posts: 2  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-11-12_11:19:5 Quote    Reply
O.K. I now know who I'm dealing with - "Crusty"/"Bret Diamond"/ or whatever names you hide behind.

It now makes sense - the bad-mouthing had to come from you! STILL bitter that I knocked one of your posts off one of my forums?

You REALLY don't know what you're talking about. Cookies are used on all good forum boards (including this site). They are NOT used to gather a visitors details maliciously but are used to facilitate the use of various features of the website.

I don't care what you say HERE, OR what you "claim" - your spam does NOT originate from Cruiser Log. I have three email addresses logged on to the forums (with posts) to check for unwanted "mining" - non of these has been SPAMMED. I suggest you read my first thread above, carefully.

No matter how you try to badmouth Cruiser Log we remain an HONEST and USEFUL site to MANY sailor's around the world. Your behavour on this and other sites on the Internet over the last 18 months or so is testament to what lengths you go to. Get a life - go sailing or something!

Because I now know WHO did this malicious post against Cruiser Log I will close the discussion and let visitors "take it from whence it comes". I will not entertain any further discussion with you.

Webmaster Cruiser Log

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