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ID: 107 Title: Is Jerry Eden really a Captain??? Replis: 28 Read: 16630 Author: 13  Page:[1]  2  3  4  5  6  
Name: Bret Diamond  Posts: 25  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-8-14_14:48:6 Quote    Reply
When is a captain NOT a captain??? When it's "captain" Jerry Eden!! This guy sure knows how to talk the talk, but virtually nothing the man says is true--i.e. according to the Coast Guard, Eden does NOT HAVE A VALID CAPTAIN'S LICENSE!! There have been numerous complaints from owners and crew who have known Eden, and there are several on-going investigations into his activities as a "captain." If you are considering crewing with him, or using him to deliver your boat, be sure to check ALL references via phone (email references are easily faked) and call the CG to ask about the status of his license.
Name: Captain Eden  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-8-14_18:3:57 Quote    Reply
Suggest you check this "guy" yourself, as he is known to be mentally ill. I back up all statements and references with my Attorney. As far as this business with Licenses, when you hire any of our people, they will be glad to give you the opportunity to speak with their references, check with the Coast Guard where necessary and one other thing; please ask yourself why would anyone waste their time making such ridiculous accusations unless they have a personal vendetta or other motives. This idiot has nothing better to do with his short life than spend time posting to these type of forums; ask yourself why?! My Attorney is aware of this 'sicko' and is taking appropriate steps to halt his personal attacks. Thanks to his posting here, we have even more evidence of his practices. My mailing list of over 600 qualified persons have been warned about this guy months ago and write him off for what he is. Suggest you do the same.
If you ever get to my website you will see that I am constantly doing deliveries based on recommendations from other owners and crew.
P.S. A Captain License is NOT required for non-commercial deliveries unless the owner or insurance company requests or requires same.
Captain Eden
Name: Crusty  Posts: 10  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-8-14_23:8:42 Quote    Reply
Just a point of clarification--are you saying Mr. Eden that you do not have a captain's license?
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-8-14_23:18:33 Quote    Reply
" he is known to be mentally ill..."
Captain Eden, how are you sure that this topic was created by this perticular individual that you think s/he is? From the email address? or? For the past two years running the site, I've received a few "minor" complaints against you from different users. Also, I am surprised to see your strong reaction as if he has murdered someone. A flame scene can be ugly but, since sailing/cruising community is smaller than you think. You might as well clear your reputation here.
Name: Captain Eden  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-8-15_8:0:59 Quote    Reply
In answer to your question, Evangio is the address for a Bret Diamond from Bend, Oregon and has been kicked off other forums for his attacks on other people. Captain Eden
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