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ID: 833 Title: Golden Globe Race 20188 Day 84: Rescue Two YACHTS DISMASTED Replis: 1 Read: 31 Author: 1
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2018-9-23_20:17:19 Quote    Reply

Golden Globe Race Day 84: Rescue

Abhilash Tomy's dismasted yacht Thuriya, photographed from an Indian military plane.

A multinational search operation is now under way to rescue injured Indian solo sailor Abhilash Tomy from his dismasted yacht in the Southern Ocean some 1,900 miles SW of Perth at the extreme limit of immediate rescue range.

The 39 year old yachtsman was lying in 3rd place in the Golden Globe Race when he and fellow competitor, Irishman Gregor McGuckin were overtaken by a 70knot storm and 15 metre seas on Friday. Tomy’s ketch rigged yacht Thuriya, was rolled through 360° and dismasted and the skipper suffered a back injury that has left him immobile.

Tomy’s latest communication sent at 08:26 UTC today: LUGGED CANS OF ICE TEA. HAVING THAT.VOMITTING CONTINUINGLY. CHEST BURNING Position: 39' 33.512 S 077' 41.608 E

McGuckin’s yacht Hanley Energy Endurance, was also dismasted 90 miles to the SW of Thuriya, is the nearest vessel.. The Irishman, who suffered only minor injuries, has since set up a jury rig and is making 3 knots towards Tomy’s position aided by continuous navigation updates from Race HQ in Les Sables d’Olonne. He is expected to reach the Indian’s position at first light on Monday. Gregor is unable to start his engine dur to contaminated fuel, so intends to attempt to remain upwind of Thuriya with the aid of his sea anchor, and keep a continuous watch of Tomy's yacht. Weather permitting, he may be asked by the Joint Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (JMRCC) in Canberra to abandon his own yacht and board Thuriya to provide immediate assistance to the injured yachtsman. Telemedicine doctors MSOS in the UK would then be able to speak directly to Abhilash via Gregor’s satellite phone and suggest appropriate first aid as well as advise JRCC of his condition to help forward planning.

The French fisheries patrol vessel Osiris, which carries medical support, is making her way from a position 123 miles south, but experiencing adverse seas and making only 4.1knots. She is not now expected to reach the area before 10:00 UTC on Monday Overnight Saturday, an Indian P8 Orion military plane out of Mauritius overflew Thuriya to assess the yacht’s condition. Photographs taken by the crew show the yacht dismasted with her rig still attached to the hull acting as a sea anchor, and slowing her drift westwards. Abhilash Tomy, who has reported severe back injuries, is unable to move from his bunk, but heard the plane fly overhead and acknowledged this by turning his emergency beacon off and on.

Two further planes, one outbound from Perth, and an Australian Defence Force P8 Orion operating from Reunion Island also overflew the two yachts a few hours later and managed to communicate directly with McGuckin. JMRCC in Canberra, which is organising this multinational rescue with Indian and French authorities, can now position aircraft overhead during any rescue operations on the water. The Australian authorities have also despatched the Anzac class frigate HMAS Ballerat from Fremantle overnight. She is due to reach the area around 23:00UTC on Sept 27. The Indian Navy has also diverted the frigate INS Satpura, and tanker INS Jyoti Mission from exercises off South Africa to assist in the rescue.

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2018-9-26_19:2:49 Quote    Reply
Carnage in the Golden Globe Race


Tomy’s yacht Thuriya is a replica of Suhaili, the yacht that won the original Golden Globe with Robin Knox-Johnston as skipper. It would be a shame for the boat to be lost but that is the nature of the event. Of the 18 sailors that set out from Les Sables-d’Olonne in France 86 days ago, only nine remain with the 73 year old multiple circumnavigator Jean-Luc van den Heede holding a large lead as he heads under Australia bound for Cape Horn and points beyond.

Abhilash Tomy – rescued after being dismasted and injured.

Gregor McGuckin with jury rig shortly before he was rescued showing jury RIG

Gregor McGuckin had closed to within 25 miles of Tomy and requested that he too be taken from his yacht. Without a mast and a fuel tank that had been contaminated during the storm, the Irish sailor decided that it would be prudent to abandon. Both boats were left sailing and were not scuttled. There has been some discussion with the Indian navy about putting a crew onboard, starting the engine and making for an anchorage at St Paul Island 40 miles to the north where they would be able to assess the full extent of the damage and effect repairs if possible.