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ID: 784 Title: Sailing For Cause - SFAC Replis: 4 Read: 1086 Author: 2
Name: Sailguru  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2016-11-12_9:0:30 Quote    Reply
Sailing For A Cause = SFAC has been setup as a Facebook community to raise funds for the disabled to take an active part in coastal/offshore sailing.

My name is Martin Parr. Professionally - A kind of make it happen person! A lifelong appetite for all things nautical, ocean sailing, navigation and meteorology.

Boating has been my life and the ability to assist others is essential.

With there being many disability sailing organisations, the gist of this mission is clear, it is to enhance what is already available with fresh impetus and funds for offshore sailing and passage making for the disabled and less able-bodied, which we as sailors take for granted.

The mission is in two parts:-

Firstly, to purchase of a 30-40ft yacht, to be rigged for single handed sailing, and to cover the costs for a UK circumnavigation. The possibility also exists for someone to donate a suitably rigged yacht.

Secondly, to use this yacht to solo circumnavigate the UK to raise funds by, sponsorship, to obtain six yachts for the disabled sailor to use in offshore and passage making. Something we do in the course of our daily lives and take for granted.

World sporting events, including the Paralympics, have shown what achievements the disabled can reach. Water sports for the disabled are not new, and different countries approach it in fundamentally different ways. Dingy sailing and tall ships for the disabled have been going for many decades. Offshore and coastal sailing is limited and very much piecemeal arrangements. SFAC has been designed to spread the word.

As an island nation, the UK or Rule Britannia did rule the waves and it was the able bodied that were at the forefront to protect the British Empire. Today, Paralympians, especially the disabled sailors across the globe, have come into their own. Let’s give more disabled persons the opportunity that we able bodied open water sailors have, by supporting this initiative and begin by liking us virtually and then how we can help in real terms.

As progression is made in turning this project into a reality, frequent updates will be made publicly. The hunt is now on to find a suitable 30-40ft yacht. The purchase will depend on the level of crowdfunding initially received. The survey, insurance, any changes necessary to rig/rigging/sails, electronics, electrics, the fabric of the vessel itself, along with full paper charts, pilot books, sailing directions, etc will all be added into the budget. Victualing, diesel, gas, marina/mooring fees may also be donated.

Ideally the passage will begin and run from 1 May to 30 September as coastal hops, using marinas, anchorages, moorings as necessary and night passages only as and when necessary. Passage planning has already started and the passage itself will be in a clockwise direction.

May 2017 is a strong and feasible option for starting the passage, subject to funding starting to flow, but all options are flexible.

Thank you in advance for any questions or offers of assistance, other than funding. Yes, I have studied all the national and international organisations. The actual project has been launched month, but much has already been undertaken behind the scenes.

My aim is not to provide funds for one charity to the exclusion of another. It is to raise awareness in parallel with fund raising and then with discussion with others. Raising funds underpins the way I go forward and inturn depends on the amount of funds raised. It is only as one has got older and time to reflect, that it becomes clearer where one's energy should be placed. For me this project will provide much needed funds for suitable yachts for the less fortunate disabled who cannot afford to sail. To see a new charity created for this will mean very much to me. If there is a legacy that I can leave, it has to be this one.

The circumnavigation of the UK will be solo and I am preparing my normal passage plan the same way as I would for other passages. To gain maximum exposure for the cause, I have to visit as many locations as possible and why I feel it prudent to utilise the full months between May to September, in a clockwise direction, starting from and finishing on the River Forth.

I am thankful to be able to rely on social media and word of mouth to start this ball rolling. I appreciate in advance any interest that may be shown. If you see that there is some way, however small, you can interact with this project it would be most welcomed.

Thank you

Martin Parr

Name: Disperser.Wolf  Posts: 20    Vancouver Time: 2016-11-14_15:10:33 Quote    Reply
As a seriously disabled sailor, I have two things to say:

One, your project is heavily prejudiced. Those who are physically disabled are not the only ones who have severe limitations in access to sailing. Those with mental disabilities such as myself, are also severely limited.

Second, the reason people like myself have limitations to access to sailing is the same reason why your campaign will fail I'm afraid. People are too damn selfish in this world today to give a shit about anyone but themselves. No one is going to give a dollar to help anyone else when they are so concerned about their own selves. Sure, you'll probably see a few token gestures by self-conscious greedy people looking to impress themselves and a few others with their fake generosity; but in reality, the limitations are not because of access, they are because the sailing world is yet another world filled with selfish, greedy people concerned only about their own hedonistic pleasures.

I was forced into sailing because I am disabled, because I suffered brain damage. Selfish, sadistic social workers in the USA (and this is long before Trump emboldened egoism) deprived me of my most important basic need, or rather, my ability to fulfill my own most important basic need, for a live-in caregiver (a crewman if you will.) So I had to consider options, and leaving the USA became the only one. And in the 12 years since I suffered brain damage, and the 4 since purchasing my boat, not only has no one offered to help or answered my requests for help, but I have been treated like shit and taken advantage of. And even now, I have tried to create a GoFundMe page ( to try to replace a small portion of the $85,000USD that was taken from me in various means; I know I will never see a penny because people are too selfish.

I urge you to rethink your efforts here; both in terms of the realistic possibility that you will never garner the interest you assume you will, but more importantly, to include those who might like to sail, but are unable to do so because of mental issues, issues I might add which are no more than a natural human reaction to an unnatural world run by selfish, greedy people who are concerned only with their immediate pleasure.
Name: Sailguru  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2016-11-15_6:4:45 Quote    Reply
I am sorry to hear your plight.

On this side of the Pond (Europe) and in particularly the UK attitudes are completely different. The model that has been set up and accepted to roll out internationally will benefit you at some point in time.

As the mouthpiece for this project, let me say that was it going on behind the scenes cannot be described in greater detail. I can say that the support coming out from the US is most favorable. I ask that you actually read the documentation and if you are on LinkedIn, there are many professional groups in the industry actually supporting the project.

If you would like to follow the Facebook group "Sailing For A Cause" it is likely as we progress you will have ideas of your own to feed into the US system.

On mental health, I am not in a position to comment on what happens in the US. In the UK it is not treated the same as for the physically handicapped. It has taken my organisation two years to get where we are, but it has been spurred by the Paralympics and World Championships with disabled sailing.

I really do wish you well in your endeavours.

GoFundMe is treated differently outside of the US. In Europe it has to contend with European legislation, plus for the UK there is specific legislation. The funds that are received, as donations, from individuals, are moved automatically out from GoFundMe to within the banking system. To monitor this they have a European office. Corporate funding and the supply of other services do not go to GoFundMe.

I and my team do wish you well in your endeavours.

Thank You

Name: Disperser.Wolf  Posts: 20    Vancouver Time: 2016-11-20_13:59:42 Quote    Reply

When you have mental disabilities, you are also physically disabled, because the brain controls the physical. This is so logical yet so universally overlooked. It is the reason why the mentally disabled feel, righfully so, that they are unfairly treated and discriminated against.

Allow me to walk you through some of how people with mental disabilities are physically disabled. All of the mental disabilities described here I have personal experience with:

Panic Disorder, Anxiety: When you suffer from panic disoder, you literally cannot take physical action. Your physical body is frozen by your mind's inability to reason for the duration of the panic attack. A person with anxiety disorder and panic attacks may seem like someone who should not be on a sailboat due to the fact that most of us would panic at unusual events on a sailboat, but the fact is, putting someone with anxiety disorder and panic attacks on a sailboat is the absolute best therapy for them. If you panic, you die in some situations, and the body and mind's ability to overcome life-threatening stress is tremendously powerful therapeutically. I had panic attacks multiple times a day consistently every day to the point I could not live alone. Yet, mere days after a major series of panic attacks, I faced, in my first outing on the ocean ever, gale conditions and freak breaking waves. I had a green crewman with me, and did not panic, for indeed, had I panicked, I would have been responsible for the death of my crewman and my dog, not to mention myself, as we were struck by a train of 12foot breaking waves in the midst of that unforecast gale.

Dysexecutive Syndrome: This syndrome is actually the precise symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, a cognitive disorder that affects what is called executive reasoning, executive as in executive officer on a naval vessel, as in making vital and life-or-death decisions. Again, someone with this disorder would seem to make putting them on a sailboat a dangerous proposition. But again, the mind works best under duress, and being able to organize and execute even a short sailing voyage is tremendously helpful therapy for someone who suffers Dysexecutive Syndrome. Further, having worked on and prepared my vessel, charted my courses, captained my vessel thousands of miles, and completed construction of my ship has been the absolute best therapy for my Dysexecutive Syndrome, which in all fairness to others, is not progressive as it is with people with Alzheimer's. Still, it has every possibility of halting the progress of Alzheimer's Disease symptoms.

Chronic Severe Insomnia: Okay, this may be cheating, because having chronic severe insomnia has actually given me significant advantage.

You get the idea.

I want to challenge you on one thing sir, if you don't mind: I believe that the reason that "disabled sailing" organizations only work with the physically disabled is because physical disabilities are evident, meaning they are visible, meaning they photograph well for fundraising efforts. I assert then, that many people are not motivated to help the disabled, but rather are financially motivated and that providing opportunities for the physically disabled is "sexy" and provides for financial reward, not the reward one gets from actually helping someone who cannot help themselves. I strongly urge you to bring this up with your organization and prove, if only to yourself, that your efforts are actually to provide something beneficial to the disabled, and not simply a way of taking further advantage of the disabled for financial gain. I do not know your organization or you, so I cannot say either way, but my experience with organizations here in Trumpland - ahem, the USA, are exploitive in nature; somethign I know from firsthand experience based on how they treated me in my inquiries which were similar to here.
Name: Sailguru  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2016-11-21_14:42:17 Quote    Reply
Hi, I do very much understand other forms of disability. As a professional skipper, should someone make an approach to charity, once it has been set up, they will not be turned away. For now the emphasis is raising the funds for the yachts.

Take Care