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ID: 705 Title: NEW AMEWRICAS CUP RULES FAVOUR THE DEAFENDER Replis: 0 Read: 921 Author: 1
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 159  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-6-5_1:37:43 Quote    Reply

"The America's Cup stir the rules for the 2017 regatta. "Ye Ha"

They're radical, ambitious and sure to set off debates in yacht club bars from Sydney to San Diego, and San Francisco to Southampton.

Defending champion Oracle Team USA will race against challengers in early elimination rounds. It can build two 62-foot, wing-sailed foiling catamarans, insurance against a catastrophic failure, while challengers will be limited to one, a clause that's sure to be controversial.

The rules were published even though organisers haven't decided whether San Francisco, San Diego, Bermuda or Chicago will be the main venue. Unlike in previous America's Cup regattas, the defender will be allowed to sail against challengers in the elimination series. An America's Cup World Series in 45-foot catamarans in 2015 and 2016 will be used to seed the America's Cup Qualifiers, a double-round robin event. The winner of the qualifiers - whether it's Oracle or a challenger - will get a bonus point in the America's Cup match. Oracle will be allowed to build two 62-foot cats. It can conduct two-boat training during the America's Cup Playoffs for the challengers, but then must sail its first boat in the match. If there's a catastrophic failure, it can use its second boat in the match. If the winner of the challenger series has a serious breakdown and can't sail in the match, the runner-up will advance."

This will cause difficulties and difficulties finding funding and sponsors.

latest NZ public opinion poll.

Question ; ;

Should Team NZ enter the next America's Cup?

2350–2400 votes

Yes. 12%

No. 88%


Team New Zealand should not enter the next America's Cup.

Considering the Kiwi long association with the event with loosing so many times , and how agonisingly close NZ got to snatching the Auld Mug but with Daltons defiant losing streak. Team New Zealand should not enter the next America's Cup and loose again.